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AoA, I hope you all are fine. I can ask for a property related issue . I live in a property which disputed property our uncle's faimly live in a ground floor and we live in 1st floor my father and uncle has a brother my father died in 1993 and my grand father died in 1996. As per uncle and his faimly statement it is not our property and we go as soon as possible of there premises. My uncle died in 2007 and they clearly notify us that there is not our property my grand father give gift dead in 1996 after his died. My uncle change his gift deed to sale dead in 2001. I take advice to some religious scholors so they didnt give me satified answer they all givre me a answer in our religious aspects that this is not our property because my father died before my grand father so my father's faimly has no partner in any grand father's property. So I confuse and not satisfied that we cannot partner of our grand Father property. Shortly discribe please Thank you

  • 28 Jul, 2020
  • Raheel
  • Intellectual Property

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